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Shining the light on student financial support – The Aspire Cash Annual Report

Shining the light on student financial support

In higher education today, hundreds of millions of pounds in financial support is given to students to help them manage their time at university. Without it, students would struggle, impacting on retention, progression, mental health & wellbeing and ultimately degree outcomes.

At JS Group we have been supporting more than a million students across our 34 partner universities with our Aspire Technology Platform, managing the distribution of bursaries and scholarships. This has given us a unique insight into student behaviour across the country which has helped our partners develop their financial support provision.

In 2022, in partnership with Payit, NatWest’s Open Banking Technology Platform, we developed Aspire Cash: our new technology that, in the words of one of our partners, has “transformed” the way in which universities can put cash in the hands of students.

In this report we are delighted to share what we have learned from thousands of students about what they use financial support for.

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