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Achieving a High-Speed Response to the Student ‘Cost-of-Learning’ Crisis

Earlier this month HEPI in its report* on “How to Beat a  Cost-of-Learning Crisis” called for universities to take far more urgent action in order to support the growing numbers of students now facing severe financial pressures and to prevent an associated further spiral of damage to student wellbeing and to student progression.

While HEPI proposes far greater infrastructure within all HEIs (and from government) in order to understand and tackle the relevant student finance and support  issues – its overall and number one recommendation is for a much faster and effective process for channelling specialist and hardship funds to those students who are most in need.

The JS Group is proud to be stepping up and supporting more than 30 universities in providing this much-needed ‘rapid response’ approach and targeted solution. Our mission is to makes sure that universities can bring about better investment in student engagement and futures through the dedicated funds that they make available to guide much-challenged students through their higher education journey.

We are delighted that our ever-expanding work in supporting student payments and the tracking of student spending of funds – especially via our Aspire Cash solution - is identified in this HEPI report as a particular measure of standout support.

Professor Nick Braisby of BNU cites our “flexible and fast method of making cash awards to students, often within minutes” and our ability to provide “vital analytics so we can understand where support is most effective” as key features that are making such a difference.

As we continue to work as important partners to universities across the sector, we are keen to makes sure that more universities can overcome the challenges, risk and dangers that the HEPI report highlights.

You can read the HEPI report here:
How To Beat A Cost-of-Learning Crisis