Transforming the delivery and impact of bursaries, scholarships and other financial support

We have helped universities provide targeted, highly effective funding to over 1 million students. Our funding solutions help students survive and thrive during their time at university. Our partners tell us they have become easy to use strategic tools that help with student engagement, retention, satisfaction and progression.

We offer 3 main forms of financial support:

Aspire Cash, Aspire Credit and Aspire Vouchers.
Each is designed to be a stand-alone solution and they can also be combined to great effect.

Aspire Cash

Aspire Cash has changed how you deliver cash awards to students

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Aspire Credit

Turn your student bursaries into engagement drivers

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Aspire Vouchers

Vouchers can be a great way of supporting students with the cost of living or reward them for volunteering or research activity

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Our Aspire Technology Platform (ATP) is the sophisticated system that drives our work.

It was developed in partnership with universities and introduced in 2002. Since then, the ATP has become a tried and tested platform where student details, their accounts and a history of their transactions are securely recorded and maintained.


The Aspire University Portal (AUP) is for universities to use and it helps you manage all of your awards within one easy to use system. Use the AUP to:

  • Make instant awards directly to students – credit, cash or vouchers.
  • Track student take-up and usage of their awards via the live audit trail
  • Track student balances and view a holistic picture of support delivered to each student
  • Access detailed financial reconciliation data
  • Export functions to enable data import to student records or finance systems
  • Access data insights reporting
  • Track awards against budgets and internal cost codes within the portal

Contact us to find out how easy it is to transform the way you make payments with Aspire:

  • Save Administration Time
  • Empower Students
  • Gain Powerful Insight
  • Reduce Cost