Providing data and insight on student behaviour to steer better investment decisions

Built into the design of every service we offer to our university partners is detailed, actionable data insights into how students use their funds.

For each individual scheme, based on the data of how funds are being used, we provide evidence on how the scheme and associated investment is driving better engagement and student futures.

For universities using Aspire Cash, we are uniquely able to provide data on how students are using their funds.
data insights
This data helps universities fine tune their financial support and we also provide sector wide comparisons and benchmarks.
data insights

For universities using Aspire Credit, we provide data on the resources and services students select.

data insights

We also look to see what the correlations are between student engagement with their scheme and continuation and attainment.

data insights

We complement this statistical data with student feedback which we gather from annual student surveys and from our Student Ambassadors.

The combination of data and direct feedback gives universities insight into the impact of their support and the how it can be further enhanced going forward.


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